Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys wearing wet gross socks on a cold day.  Not everyone has a drawer full to choose from. Concert for Socks is about supporting the homeless community, but more importantly, building friendships and community.

Each year, we partner with local organizations who are working hard to fight homelessness in communities across Canada.  We believe that each of us are created equal, so for this reason, we invite our neighbors experiencing homelessness to participate in ways that are meaningful to them.  We offer the opportunity for the homeless population, for the addicts, to play key roles in their own poverty alleviation. Doing something good in the community does not require a big budget, just a little heart - and maybe some loud guitars. 

The reality is the homeless community has so

much to offer the cities we live in. 

Join us and be part of an event that goes

beyond the closing song.

For starters, expect a killer party! We work closely with the local music scene to make sure we have a stellar lineup of live music.  Genres range from year to year, but we always recommend bringing your dancing shoes! In true festival style, a local emcee will host the night for us, and you’ll get to learn a little about what is happening in your city.  Poetry often has a beautiful way of connecting us with the deeper meaning behind this event. Spoken word artists are often dropping by between sets to give us something to think about. 

We also think you’ll enjoy exploring through an art exhibit that has been created and hosted by those who have lived experience with homelessness and addiction.  We believe that each of us have gifts to share, and we are excited to be able to shine a light on the talent of your fellow neighbours. 

There will be an information table for those wanting to learn more about our local sponsor organization, and a merchandise table with clothing available for purchase from The Joyful Project.

And of course, don’t forget to bring a donation of socks to the event! You are welcome to bring other items to donate too; we simply ask that you connect with us first to ensure it is a needed item.  Our goal is to be helpful and a good steward of resources. 

This is going to be an awesome night that

you won’t want to miss.  We hope to see you. 




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This all started five years ago simply because a small group of friends shared a passion for music, art, and social justice.  In the heart of winter in 2015, three people living on the street came to a drop-in I volunteered at in downtown Edmonton, each needing a pair of clean and dry socks, but I only had two pairs left. The three men decided among themselves who needed the socks the most. The community, love and dignity they showed each other inspired me to create Concert for Socks, a concert series that collects socks for those on the street.  Our first concert was in Edmonton in December 2015, and since then we have visited Peterborough, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, growing the Concert into a multi-city event.  Each year our goal is to find new and meaningful ways to involve those we seek to help.  Sometimes the best gift you can offer someone in need is the opportunity to give.



1. Give Away Socks 

You don't need to wait until our concert in December to hand out socks. There’s a lot of different ways that you can hand out socks. You can, like us, carry socks in your backpack. Maybe carry a couple of pairs in your purse or in your briefcase.


You can keep a couple of pairs in your glove box for when you’re at an exit ramp, where there’s a homeless person. And maybe it’s a little awkward at first, but take that awkward moment and turn it into something beautiful by handing that person some socks.


We can help you organize a concert in your own city. Let us walk you through how to create a successful and engaging event. Click here to contact us! 

Concert for Socks is an incredible way to bring people together for a great night and to collect lots of socks. Get creative with your concert, mix it up, or keep it simple. You know your city way better than we do, so create a concert that fits and we’ll help! 


If you want to get involved in your local community, either at a local shelter or helping people on the street, but don’t know how, let’s talk. We certainly don’t have all the answers and are still learning and growing, but if you have questions or are trying to find the best place to start, we would love to help. Click here to contact us!