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Socks and Sleeps are Saving Lives!

We can't wait to party with you! We hope you're planning on coming out to Concert for Socks to raise funds & SOCKS for Just a Warm Sleep - so people can have fresh socks and a warm sleep.  Just a Warm Sleep is an emergency overnight warming shelter providing a safe place to sleep on the coldest days of the year in Winnipeg. Inside Augustine Centre using Oak Table’s space from January to March - over 1800 sleeps were accessed in 2019!  With enough support from you - this year we hope to open for December too! Let’s face it - the air hurts our face well before Christmas!  Thanks to Beat the Cold and all our donors we’re offering laundry and showers services to our guests this season and thanks to you - SOCKS!  Socks are the least donated item across Canada, yet such a necessity in our cold winters.  We’re thrilled to be the beneficiary of Concert for Socks,  as they’ll donate collected socks our guests will love and concert proceeds to Just a Warm Sleep. Make sure to hold the date November 23rd, 2019.  All you have to do is attend and if you want, donate some new socks!  Your one night of dancing at Concert for Socks will make safe sleeps a reality for at least 25 people nightly this winter with access to basic services like showers, laundry and mental health first aid.. Your attendance means those living with pets on the street are able to sleep inside safely with their animals at their side. It also means that those with shopping carts full of personal items such as family mementos don’t have to risk losing it all to stay alive - because they and their cart are welcome! But wait there’s more! Art from our art programs will be for sale!  At Concert for Socks the 1JustCity art show will sell guests work, they’ll get extra funds for food, or gifts for grandchildren and a portion will help fund the art program. Those who experience trauma are more likely to suffer from mental illnesses such as PTSD or depression. Art therapy creates a safe outlet to start the healing from those traumas, ground themselves, as well as feel a sense of community and accomplishment. Isolation is a big part of mental illnesses and creating art with those who understand you can create a sense of community for those who haven’t had one. Imagine being able to purchase a work of art that also helps fund a program to help those who need community and support. Buy your tickets before they all sell out, visit to learn more or donate today to keep Winnipeg friends warm this winter!

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