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We are looking for people who want to make a difference in the community using their skills and talents and just being your awesome self.  

Do you have a passion for the Arts and Live Music while supporting local goodness?  Volunteers mean the world to us and we would never attempt this without them. Any success that Concert for Socks has experienced is a credit to our awesome team of volunteers.   

This is a great opportunity to meet other people in the community and partner together on what we hope is a meaningful experience for everyone. The only qualification required is your desire to help. You don't need any special training; you don't need any experience; you don't even need to know what to say. This is all about teamwork as we learn from each other and collaborate using our combined strengths and weaknesses.  Rumor has it we also throw a decent volunteer appreciation party.


Contact us today about volunteering.  We would love to hear from you. 

Here are some of the ways we need your help:

  1. Social media isn't just for sharing memes. We need people who can share and tag posts about the event and especially share all the fun during the concert in your stories. Every like, comment, share is sort of a big deal.

  2. We love our posters and we want to see them everywhere.  This is a truly thankless job but it’s super effective. Help us get the word out by putting up posters around the city just about anywhere you can, legally.

  3. Our merch table is always in need of a few friendly faces.  If you like meeting new people and talking with strangers this one is for you.

  4. Enjoy counting out loud?  We need people who can keep count of all the socks and items that are donated during the Concert.  We keep a running tally and make a big announcement at the end of the night.  It’s fun.

  5. Random running around doing things we forgot about is also a helpful volunteer responsibility. This is the real engine that keeps the night running. We always need people who are available to help where needed.

  6. Setup and cleanup is a massive help for the team.  We’re a messy bunch sometimes and need people to keep us focused and organized and keep things tidy.